Fabric Reference by Mary Humphries (2nd Edition)


Fabric Reference by Mary Humphries (2nd Edition)

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Fabric Reference by Mary HumphriesnnFor courses in Fashion Design/Production; Interior Design; Clothing and Textiles; and Visual Merchandising. In Fabric Reference, Humphries presents a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to fabric construction and performance using an accessible, nontechnical approach. Fabric Glossarya companion text to Fabric Referencefeatures one- to three-page descriptions of major name fabrics and categories, plus detailed listings of which fabrics are suitable for many end uses in both clothing and interiors. Over 125 main Fabric Files discuss all aspects of fabric makeupfibers typically used, characteristics of yarn and fabric construction, plus the significance of finishing procedures, including coloring by dyeing and printing, to define some 600 names and terms.nnPaperback, 2nd edition 2000, 301pages, very good condition