English for Academic Study Writing Course Book


English for Academic Study Writing Course Book

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English for Academic Study Writing Course BooknBy Anne PallantnThe course has a four-fold approach that reflects the complex demands of academic writing. Source material is contemporary and authentic, which allows students to experience up to date real-world texts. The colourful and attractive layout builds confidence with students who are used to EFL-style materials and encourages willingness to learn. Separate authentic source material allows students to source and practise writing skills with up-to-date reference texts.nTable of Contentsnn1. Academic achievement Microskills: Planning & Introductions 2. Early human development Microskills: organising your ideas & paragraph leaders 3. Mobile telephones 4. Statistics without tears Microskills: organising your ideas, concluding sentences & conclusions 5. Human activity & climate change Microskills: definitions & exemplification & support 6. The global village Microskills: organising essays of cause and effect 7. The new linguistic order Microskills: organising essays: situation, problem, solution, implications, evaluationnPaperback, 2nd edition 2008 , 74 pages, new