Intellectual Property Cases Materials & Commentary


Intellectual Property Cases Materials & Commentary

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S Richardson, M Ricketson, M Davison nPaperback, 4th edition 2009 , 1062 pages, newnnA comprehensive collection of commentary, cases and materials on intellectual property law written by experts in the field. It provides students with a comprehensive collection of cases and materials relating to intellectual property law. Questions of policy are examined and discussed throughout the text, linking various materials and presenting them in a meaningful context. Important Features: – New internal design makes the material more accessible and the text easier to navigate. – Questions throughout the text help students gain a deeper understanding of the material. – Further reading list at the end of this chapter is useful for advanced research. – Professor Mark Davison from Monash University joins this expert author team. – Table of Contents: Part I – Justifications and Preliminaries 1. The Concept of Intellectual Property: Why Have Intellectual Property Rights 2. Intellectual Property Rights in Australia Part II – Copyright and Related Rights 3. Copyright: Origins, Rationale and Basic Principles 4. The Framework of Copyright Protection: Conditions, Subject Matter and Duration 5. Exclusive Rights and Their Infringement: The Economic Rights 6. Further Rights of Authors, Exceptions to Infringement, and Other Protections for Copyright Owners 7. Ownership and Exploitation of Copyright 8. International Copyright Arrangements and New Developments Part III – Protection at the Borderline of Copyright and Patents 9.The Registered Designs System 10. The Protection of Confidential Information in Australia 11. Circuit Layouts Part IV – Patents for Inventions 12. The Patent System: Origins and Rationale 13. The Concept of Invention 14. Patent Validity and the Application Process 15. Interlude: Sui Generis Schemes Part V – Trade Marks and Commercial Indicators 16. Passing Off and Related Actions 17. The Registered Trade Marks System: Origins and Rationale 18. Registered Trade Marks 19. Rights Given By Trade Mark Registration