Shanghai Industries by Xu Jiangguo


Shanghai Industries by Xu Jiangguo

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Shanghai Industries by Xu JiangguonnHardback, 2008, 175pages, very good conditionnnLocated at the midpoint of China’s coastline, Shanghai stands at the estuary of the Yangtze River. As early as the 1930?40s, Shanghai had already developed into China’s largest industrial and commercial city and its economic hub.nnThis book reviews the evolution of various industries in Shanghai over the past century and also elaborates on their current status. It also looks ahead to the future and examines the numerous opportunities for local and international investors.nnPublished by Cengage Learning Asia and marketed by World Scientific Publishing Co.nnContents:nn History of Industries in Shanghain Development of Shanghai’s Advanced Manufacturing Industryn Development of Shanghai’s Modern Service Industryn Shanghai’s Industry Policies and Associationsn Shanghai Industries and the Yangtze Delta Megalopolisn Development Prospects