The Mad Chef’s New Zealand Game & Seafood Cookbook


The Mad Chef’s New Zealand Game & Seafood Cookbook

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The Mad Chef’s New Zealand Game & Seafood Cookbook: Easy to Prepare & Cook Recipes for New Zealand Game & Seafood.nby Daryl Crimp (Alias The Mad Chef)nnDaryl Crimp cartoonist, ex-restauranteur, raconteur and pursuer of the out-door experience brings all his many talents together in one book.nnAs one of Nelson’s best eateries, “The Brown House” specialized in Game and Seafood. Award winning Chef Crimp was known for his good food and outrageous humour.nnThe game and seafood that formed the fare for the restaurant is the basis for this book. To lazy to cook complex meals Crimp simplified all of his recipes as much as he could, they became easy to prepare and simple to cook, allowing the natural flavours of the food to come through. New Zealand game meats are low in fat and well suited to quick preparation and fast cooking, seafood forms a natural complement to game.nnIn between the chapters on cooking are recounted some of the stories that made “The Brown House” a legend in the South Island.nnReaders should note, this book is best read with a glass of wine at hand.nnSoft Covers, 1992, very good condition