Hikutaia 2000 ‘An interlude in time’ by Maureen McCollum & John Spinks Signed


Hikutaia 2000 ‘An interlude in time’ by Maureen McCollum & John Spinks Signed

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Signed by two authors

The settlement of Hikutaia is now a quite village on the road linking Paeroa and Thames. However, it is not a location without a history and it was once a flourishing small townsship. Its first European visitors were members of the crew from James Cook’s Endeavour, who rowed their captain up the Waihou River in 1769, reaching as far upstream as the vacinity of Paeroa, this marking his deepest inland venture into the NZ interior. It was to be the 1840s before white skinned strangers returned in any number, these being mainly missionaries, explorers and traders. The River was to be the life-line for the district, for many years providing the only acress, with the road and railway coming much later. River craft served the territory as far inland as Te Aroha and parts of the Waikato. In fact, the book records that as late as 1943 little ships still carried passengers and cargo up-river to Te Aroha, serving communities on both banks. But much had happened in the intervening years. As with most areas of pioneer NZ, development and enterprise depended largely of the natural assets of each district. Timber milling was an early activity in Hikutaia, digging for Kauri gum another, but as part of the Thames Gold Fields mining for those riches became a long-term important Hikutaia occupation. As time passed, agriculture became the dominant activity. During this period the Hikutaia township developed to furnish all the services, facilities, social and business amenities required by the local population. The co-authors have developed a complete vision of the pioneering development phase and eventual consolidation of the township and district, giving a clear picture of the stages of progress, problems faced and beaten, the impact of two world wars and of several outbreaks of economic depression while traversing all the factors of growth and maturity for a NZ rural area.

Paperback, 2000, 304pages, good condition,