Ancient Celtic New Zealand by Martin Doutre


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“Martin Doutre’s Ancient Celtic New Zealand is a very important examination of the evidence for an advanced ancient civilization that understood phi, pi, the size and shape of the earth, the intricate details of the celestial phenomena caused by earth’s orbit and the axial rotation that leads to precession, and that could navigate the seas, mine for greenstone and copper, and construct precision monuments such as the pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge at a date in history that conventional theory says is impossible. His first-hand work and insights provide a valuable new perspective that is different from alternative thinkers who have gone before him. The presence of extensive evidence from sites in the Americas, in lesser-known sites in Europe, and of course in New Zealand are added to the work that others have written about, and serve to help add credence to others who also perceive major gaps and flaws in the conventional framework bitterly defended by those currently controlling “academia.” Mr. Doutre’s work breaks important new ground in the use of phi reductions, the analysis of recurring geometric patterns found in art around the globe, and theories concerning who these ancients were and where they traveled. Far from being racist or supremacist, his work is a contribution to all mankind in that it provides insights into the amazing past of our ancient predecessors (the ancestors of us all)”

Hard cover, 1999, 289pages, very good condition