Textured Colour by Michael Ponder Signed


Textured Colour by Michael Ponder Signed

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Textured Colour
by Michael Ponder
Hardback, 1990, 80pages, very good condition, gift dedication on cover back
“NZ artist Mike Ponder splits his life between Queensland, Australia and his new winery in Blenheim. With an unmistakable style after 30 years of professional painting Mike Ponder continues to earn him both national and international success. Born in 1943, he was raised in Lower Hutt, NZ, and educated at Hutt Valley High School where he first discovered he had a talent for art. However, it was not until he was in his early thirties that he took up painting seriously. Mike is a founding member of the very successful “5 Artists” group and has assisted and encouraged new artists through tutoring night classes and weekend schools. Mike has produced three books on his art. The first, ?Textured Colour? has sold out, there are limited copies available of “My Way – A Touch of Red”, and his latest book ?Oil on Canvas? is readily available. All three books show some of the best examples of his recent work in both oils and watercolours. His oil paintings are bold, full of texture and colour, sometimes delicate with amazing detail and always with a touch of red – they are painted with knives only. Many people will recognize his style from the vey popular driza-bone image of the stockman that was used extensively for over ten years. Forestry, wine and olive oil have also played an important role in Mike?s career…”