Kiwis Paintings by Ray Harris Ching


Kiwis Paintings by Ray Harris Ching

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Kiwis Paintings by Ray Harris Ching

Text by 6 leading authorities on Kiwis with 24 colour plates and 15 b&w drawings by Ray Harris-Ching, plus historical paintings, photographs and maps.

This is a detailed and informative monograph on the various species and subspecies of the kiwi, illustrated with superb paintings and drawings by Ray Harris-Ching.

The authors of the text are, J.H. Andrews, William A. Calder, M.A. Fingland, J.N. Jolly, Ruud Kleinpaste, J.A. McLennan, & C. Sinclair Smith. Chapters include; a history of kiwi discovery (Andrews); brown kiwis (McLennan); the South Island Brown kiwi (McLennan); the North Island brown kiwi (McLennan); the great spotted kiwi (McLennan); the little spotted kiwi (Jolly); kiwis in a pine forest habitat (Kleinpaste); the aviculture of the kiwi (Fingland); the kiwi and its egg (Calder); the kiwi in art (Sinclair Smith)

Large Hardback, 1990, 188ages, very good condition