The Book of Wine by Stuart Walton


The Book of Wine by Stuart Walton

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The Book of Wine by Stuart Walton nThe Book of Wine” provides a non-technical but authoritative and informative look at the practicalities of keeping and serving wine, as well as a comprehensive review of the most important grape varieties used in the making of wine internationally.nnThe practical section opens with the basic principles of tasting, the five main flavors and how to distinguish them, then moves on to all-important advice on the storing and serving of wine. Invaluable information on drinking wine with food gives both broad principles and specific recommendations for each part of the menu, and a final description of labeling shows you how to interpret the details given by different winemakers around the world. The section on grape varieties pinpoints the main grapes – both white and red.n– Storing and serving: keeping wine in top condition with and without a cellar, how and when to open it; which glass to serve it in, from champagne to sherry.n– The principles of tasting: how to judge a wine by its looks, smell and taste matching wine to each course of the menu.n– The most important grape varieties – six white and six red; which countries grow which grapes; the best wines made from each grape.nLarge Hardback, 1998 , 96 pages, very good condition