Espresso: Culture and Cuisine


Espresso: Culture and Cuisine

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Espresso: Culture and Cuisine nKarl PetzkenThe rich taste and irresistible aroma of espresso has in recent years won adherents from far beyond the realm of the European-style cafes in which it was first introduced to Americans. Weaving together evocative photographs, poems, and literary musings, Sara Slavin and Karl Petzke have created a unique portfolio of images highlighting the potent presence of espresso as a small but essential luxury in everyday life. Including 24 recipes for espresso drinks and simple dishes made with espresso, this beautiful volume offers a romantic, sumptuous paean to the pleasures of coffee in its purest form.nAbout the AuthornKarl Petzke is the co-author, with Sara Slavin, of the award-winning book Espresso and is the photographer for Pears (both from Chronicle Books).nnSara Slavin is an art director and stylist who collaborates with photographers, designers, and publishers on editorial projects throughout the country. She has co-authored numerous books, including Espresso and The Art of the Bath (both published for ChronnnPaperback, 1994, 96 pages very good condition