Commandos and Rangers of World War II by James Ladd


Commandos and Rangers of World War II by James Ladd

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Commandos and Rangers of World War IInby James LaddnnThis book shows how elite behind-the-lines shock troops used their special skills and weapons in beach reconnaissances, sabotage raids, and spearhead invasions that led the Allies to victory. It includes personal and eye-witness accounts, which aid understanding of the campaigns and their aims and achievements.nnThis exciting story of Britain’s Commandos and their comrades-in-arms the American Rangers shows in detail how they developed amphibious raiding techniques in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Pacific. The US Marine Corps Raider battalions’ and other Special Forces’ actions are also explained in their contribution to this unique form of warfare, with beach reconnaissances and sabotage raids leading to the formation of Commando and Ranger forces to spearhead invasions.’nnHardback, 1978, 288pages, very good condition, name in front end page