On the Fringe of Hell by Christopher Pugsley


On the Fringe of Hell by Christopher Pugsley

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On the Fringe of Hell by Christopher PugsleynnNew Zealanders and Military Discipline in the First World War nn” … the most powerful of imperatives is the built-in desire to survive. the best and bravest of soldiers will eventually break down or run away under stress and he has no more choice in the matter than a starving man who steals a crust”nnThis was not understood or anticipated when thousands of New Zealanders sailed off the the Great War. Instead of adventure they found soldiering to be the tedium of the ship’s voyage and the monotony of training. there was no glory in war, only the appalling conditions of trench warfare on the Western Front from which there was no escape.nnMany could not cope with these horrors and became disciplinary cases. There was little compassion for the misfit, the conscientious objector or those suffering from shell-shock and battle fatigue. They were court-martialled and received sentences ranging from the humiliation of field punishment to imprisonment or death by firing squad.nnThe New Zealand Division became known as one of the finest serving in France, but part of the price paid for its high standard of discipline was the execution of its own men.nnIn this book, acclaimed military historian Christopher Pugsley builds up a detailed picture of the circumstances that led to their deaths.nn’On the Fringe of Hell’ will be an eye-opener to most New Zealanders, who until now were unaware of the sacrifices their forbears thought it necessary to make for the honour of their country. nnPaperback, first edition 1991, 360 pages, good condition, crease in cover/name on end page