Sea Power Ashore and in the Air


Sea Power Ashore and in the Air

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Sea Power Ashore and in the Airnby David Stevens & John ReevennHardback, 2007, 320pages, as new conditionnnTrafalgar, Tsushima, Midway, and other epic blue-water fleet actions are not likely to have their counterparts in the early twenty first century. Since the end of the Cold War there has been increased interest instead in the way that navies directly influence events where sea, air and land interact. Yet, in the broad sweep of military history this is nothing new.nnTopics treated in detail include:nn The naval air war over Gallipolin Japan’s joint operations in China in 1895n Air defence of naval and amphibious forces in the Falklandsn Australian naval pilots and air mobile helicopter operations in Vietnamn German Navy land campaigns of World War IIn The US Navy in the capture of Okinawan Submarine operations in the Arcticn Naval peacekeeping in Somalian Maritime blockades in Post-War Chinan Amphibious operations in World War IIn Australian carrier operations in Korean and many others.nnnIn Sea Power Ashore and in the Air leading historians look back over more than a hundred years, to show how navies have often made a critical difference to the fighting ashore and the contest for mastery in the air.