Invasion Road by Philip Warner


Invasion Road by Philip Warner

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Invasion Road by Philip Warnernn”Invasions are as old as the history of mankind. Few, if any, countries can claim never to have been invaded, for whatever reason by whatever method Yet the possibility of Britain’s being invaded today is commonly considered remote – in spite of disturbing memories of the Nazis poised to swoop upon England in the 1940s, and of a history of invasions, successful and abortive, reaching back to prehistoric times. While this lucid book, notable for the absence of technical jargon, is aimed at the general reader, it will prove of equally absorbing interest to the military historian. Spanning Britain’s history from the earliest raiding parties seeking new land to cultivate, to the military ambitions of would-be world conquerors, to the recent influxes of refugees from totalitarianism, the author gives us a shrewd and pithy survey on invasion in all its aspects. Concisely and vividly, Philip Warner details the reasons for invasion, its methods and its hazards. He examines the roles of naval, military and air power. He describes the development of weaponry, defences, communications and intelligence, making acute observations on the masterstrokes ad the absurdities of the mean we have used to keep the enemy at bay; on the hazards that face traitors; and on the invention of codes. The final chapters give a chilling assessment of Britain’s position today, but also indicate where the more pessimistic forecasts may be mistaken. Doom-watching normally concentrates on our own weakness: this book makes illuminating comments on the problems of our possible opponents.”nnHardback, 1980, 194pages, good condition, dedication on end page