Louise Nicholas My Story Updated Edition


Louise Nicholas My Story Updated Edition

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Louise Nicholas: My Story

The ‘Louise Nicholas trial’ – as it became known – was one of the most far-reaching, pivotal and politically important court cases in recent years.

In this very important book Louise Nicholas tells her story – the sad story of a teenager whose abuse first began when she was a 13 year old and continued throughout her teens. Award-winning journalist Philip Kitchin’s investigations into the cover-up of Louise’s complaints led to the establishment of Operation Austin. Louise’s story is interspersed with Philip’s story detailing his investigations into the case. The result is a fascinating read with wider implications for the way we view the police in this country.

Public interest in this complex and sorry tale is huge and this has been further piqued by the damning findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct and the outcome of the Dewar case.

Paperback, Updated Edition 2014, 320pages, very good condition