Day Walks in New Zealand: 100 great tracks by Shaun Barnett, maps by Geographx


Day Walks in New Zealand: 100 great tracks by Shaun Barnett, maps by Geographx

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Day Walks in New Zealand: 100 great tracksnby Shaun Barnett, maps by Geographx

Day walks are one of the most popular recreational activities in New Zealand, enjoyed by both New Zealanders and overseas visitors alike. In 2006 nearly half a million tourists completed either a half-day bush walk or a full day of trekking or tramping. This is not surprising given New Zealand hosts a highly accessible network of conservation and reserve areas, offering everything from leisurely 1-2 hour coastal and beach walks, to full on 8-hour plus days through lush beech forest and alpine areas, and everything in-between. Day Walks in New Zealand is the latest tramping guide in the innovative, new Bird’s Eye Guide series. Written by Shaun Barnett, the best-selling author and photographer of Bird’s Eye Guide Tramping in New Zealand, Day Walks in New Zealand also uses latest generation ‘bird’s eye’ computer-generated maps, showing a tramping route in three dimensions something unable to be achieved with a conventional topographical map. Each walk is supported by relevant route information and there are full-colour photographs throughout from Shaun’s own photo-library.

Walks are selected from the entire country and include day walks suitable for first-timers and families, as well as options for those with a higher level of fitness and experience. The combination of maps, photography and writing from the country’s leading tramping writer arguably makes this the best New Zealand day walk book available. Bird’s Eye Guides continue to set a new standard in tramping and tourist

Paperback, 2007, 180pages, very good condition