Dublin: A Portrait by VS Pritchett, Evelyn Hofer


Dublin: A Portrait by VS Pritchett, Evelyn Hofer

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Dublin: A Portraitnby VS Pritchett, Evelyn HofernnA look at the land an people of Dublin, Ireland, in words and photos, 78 b&w and 16 color full-pagennVS. Pritchett, master of the short story, is also the most evocative of travel writers. First published in 1967, his portrait of Dublin – its past, politics and people, its grand mansions and curious corners – is as beguiling and eloquent as the city itself, as he writes of the Dublin he knew in the 1920s, of visits to Sean O’Casey and Yeats (brandishing a teapot in his rage at Shaw) and of the changing city forty years later, facing the future but still as eccentric and engaging as ever.nnHardback, 1967, 99pages, good condition, small wear/tear in jacket