The Kiwi Trucker’s Guide to Life by Tim Chadwick


The Kiwi Trucker’s Guide to Life by Tim Chadwick

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The Kiwi Trucker’s Guide to Life
by Tim Chadwick

Truckers everywhere love their trucks, and when they’re not driving them they love nothing better than talking about them.

Tim Chadwick has been out on the highways and the byways to track down some of the most interesting Kiwi truckers and find out what makes them tick. The result is The Kiwi Trucker’s Guide to Life, a fascinating snapshot of a collection of truckies, both male and female, who tell their stories and give their opinions on a wide range of topics.

Tim has gone on the road to photograph them with their multi-wheeled pride and joys, the big rigs that are often their biggest asset, their biggest debt and their home and livelihood all rolled into one. These long-distance Knights of the Road come in all shapes and sizes, and their stories, philosophies of life and favourite pie stops, trucks, memorable moments on the road and pet hates are often unexpected, always interesting and full of horsepower. You see life differently from behind the wheel of a big rig thundering through the night and the truckers have a lot of time to think and some interesting stories to tell.

Come along for the ride – you won’t be disappointed.

Paperback, 2009, 144pages, very good condition, crease in back cover