Trainland How Railways Made New Zealand


Trainland How Railways Made New Zealand

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Trainland How Railways Made New Zealand
by Neill Atkinson
Paperback, 2007, 251pages, very good condition, little wear/fading in cover

Railways have played a central role in New Zealand politics, economics, trade union history, tourism and popular culture. Yet rail history has been largely neglected by professional historians. While the field has long been popular with enthusiasts, they have tended to focus on locomotive and rolling stock minutiae, engineering feats and so on, and have paid little attention to social and cultural aspects. This stunning looking book includes a brief outline of the development of rail in NZ; and looks at who uses the trains and why; daily life on and off the rails; the train in popular culture and the collective memory. Neill Atkinson is a professional historian with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage in Wellington and the depth of his research is matched by the accessibility of his writing.