New Zealand on the Move 100 Kiwi Transport Icons


New Zealand on the Move 100 Kiwi Transport Icons

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New Zealand on the Move: 100 Kiwi Road and Air Transport Icons
by Matthew Wright

As this country developed from 1840 on, transport was the key to opening up areas for farming, forestry and manufacturing. The trains, ships, cars, planes, motorbikes and trucks that we used on to get places and make us more efficient were so relied upon that they have become part of our DNA. In this lively, well researched and affectionate survey of 100 ‘vehicles’ of all descriptions, historian Matthew Wright takes us on a trip down memory lane, reacquainting us with the way we used to get around. The book features both New Zealand innovations and inventions and significant international brands/events/developments that affected this country. The text follows the winning formula of Wrights’ earlier book Big Ideas: 100 Wonders of New Zealand Engineering, with around 500 words per topic, large images, and a chronological/countdown format.

Large paperback, 2011, 231pages,good condition crease in back cover/end page