The Power to Perform Revised Edition by Jon Ackland


The Power to Perform: Revised Edition

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The Power to Perform: Revised Edition
A comprehensive guide to training and racing for endurance athletes
Jon Ackland with Brett Reid

Endurance athletes have to train a lot – it comes with the territory. But training by guesswork, or by blindly following what other people are doing, won’t give you the best results for your efforts. Training too ofter, too fast, or haphazardly, can lead to tiredness, injury and disappointment.

The Power to Perform will teach you to make the right training decisions – to train smarter and achieve better results. It is the complete guide to maximising your potential. Whether you are involved in triathlon, cycling, rowing, or any other endurance sport, and whatever level you compete at, this book will provide you with a programme that works.

There are 58 specific programmes to get you started – and everything you need to know to customise them for your own needs.

A powerful training programme offering professional advice. The book also contains information on nutrition, coaching, monitoring your training and the future of training science. New in this edition: subphases, the ultimate in fine-tuning your programme.

Paperback, 1996 revised editionin good condition 350 pages,