The Fitness Advisor by Martin Dowson


The Fitness Advisor by Martin Dowson

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The Fitness Advisor by Martin DowsonnnA Practical Guide For Athletes, Coaches And TrainersnnThis handbook is designed to help maximise the potential of athletes participating in a wide range of sports – from summer to winter, solo to team, mainstream to minor. Written by a sports scientist who is also an experienced trainer, and presented in an easily accessible style, this book will help you to:n- understand an apply training principles appropriate to your sportn- develop interesting and challenging training regimesn- enhance your sport-specific skillsn- increase your speed, strength and flexibilityn- prevent overtraining.nnIt also brings together the latest information on a wide range of subjects that affect sports performance, including:n- injury prevention, recognition and rehabilitationn- performance-enhancing aidsn- competing in extreme environmentsn- recovery strategiesn- diet and hydrationn- training at altituden- fitness testsn- periodisation.nnWhether you’re involved in club, representative or international sport, you will find that ‘The Fitness Advisor’ can help you achieve the winning edge.nnlarge paperback, excellent condition, 258 pages