Kiwi Speedway Culture By Steve Holmes


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Kiwi Speedway Culture By Steve Holmes

Speedway racing is a form of motorsport born in the USA, but one which was quickly adopted here in New Zealand, dating back to the early 1900s. Speedway has evolved into possibly this countryテ+s most successful racing arena, and one which has become typically unique to us, and our very unique interests. With 24 Speedway New Zealand affiliated race tracks spread throughout the country, local loyalty among fans is as intense and passionate as rugby, or any other sporting code, with each driver contracted to just a single track. For racers and fans alike, summer time means Saturday nights at the speedway. Kiwi Speedway Culture is a new book that goes beyond the gritty quarter mile dirt bullring ovals dotted throughout our landscape, and visits some of the characters involved. It includes a handful of recently crowned New Zealand champions from various classes, as well as several others still trying to make their way to the top, and yet more weekend warriors, who may never win a title of importance, but whose lives revolved around this rugged and hugely dedicated sport regardless. In addition are featured racers from the past, as well as speedway related collections and museums, plus those whoテ+ve made a living building cars and supplying parts and services to race teams

Hard cover 2016, 202 pages, very good condition