Hunting A New Zealand History By Kate Hunter


Hunting A New Zealand History By Kate Hunter

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Hunting: A New Zealand History
by Kate Hunter

This rich and vivid, highly illustrated social history gives an insight into the world of the New Zealand hunter. Hunting is central to many New Zealanders’ lives – whether it’s to feed their families, earn a living or to explore the country’s amazing wilderness.

Hunting: A New Zealand history describes how hunting was essential to the successful colonization of this country. It has helped to build communities and families, and hunting knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation.

Cutting across racial and class differences, hunting is intrinsic to the way New Zealanders view the natural world and the way we’ve experienced, closely observed and understood the bush. Hunting ties New Zealand to the world, yet the particular shape of hunting here makes it remarkably distinctive. If there is a ‘national culture’ in New Zealand, then hunting and hunters are at its core.

Published by Random House 2009, 320pages, very good condition