Ride with Your Mind Clinic Rider Biomechanics From Basics to Brilliance by Mary Wanless


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Ride with Your Mind Clinic Rider Biomechanics From Basics to Brilliance
By Mary Wanless
Riding skills guru Mary Wanless looks at a series of common rider faults or problems and, through words and photographs, explains how to correct them. Each fault or problem is demonstrated by a different rider – some working at basic level, others advanced. Mary gives each rider a lesson, taking them through the (often subtle) changes they have to make, and recording their progress with specially taken photographs. Readers can witness the changes taking place and understand through Mary’s gifted teaching HOW to make the necessary shift to improve their own riding skills. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures show not only the improvements in the rider’s position and effectiveness but also in their horse’s way of going, for the two are interconnected. << Among the topics for in-depth discussion are rider position, muscle tone and stabilisation; how our minds and bodies learn new techniques or change old habits; rider asymmetry; mental attitudes; lateral work; advanced work; and faults such as tipping foward, leaing back, hollowing the back, rounding the back, and pulling on the inside rein. AUTHOR: Mary Wanless is the author of the highly successful Ride With Your Mind, Ride With Your Mind Masterclass, For the Good of the Rider, For the Good of the Horse and Ride With Your Mind Essentials; she has also produced eight training videos. As well as teaching riders of all abilities, from club leveel to international, in the UK, Europe, USA, Sout Africa and Australia, she runs dismounted workshops and gives lecture demonstrations. She also lectures internationally on learning, body-mind integration, and personal development. 150 colour photos and 50 line drawings.

Hardback 2008 , 184 pages, very good condition