Surviving & Moving On: Survivor of child sexual abuse


Surviving & Moving On: Survivor of child sexual abuse

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This book is essential reading for any survivor of child sexual abuse, female or male. Many survivors of sexual abuse have not always been believed or supported through their developmental years. They have had to cope on their own, dealing with the aftermath of the abuse in whatever ways they could. This book offers ideas and techniques for understanding and healing which adult survivors in particular may find useful. It tends to be written with women in mind, but much of the information and many of the exercises may be useful for male survivors as well.

This book will also be useful for the partners, families and friends giving support and encouragement to survivors who are healing themselves from the effects of abuse. Many survivors want those around them to understand what they’ve survived and its effects on their life.

Part 1 provides information about child sexual abuse – what it is, why children remain silent about it, some of the effects abuse can have on a survivor’s life and how these can be minimised, and who the offenders are. Part 2 is for survivors, helping them to understand and to cope with their unique experience of child sexual abuse. Part 3 is specifically for supporters and caregivers of survivors.

Part 1: Surviving
1 About child sexual abuse
2 The child
3 The consequences
4 The offender
Part 2: Moving On
5 Preparations for your healing journey
6 Dealing with the abuse
7 Recognising ways you have coped
8 Making changes
9 Dealing with feelings and emotions
10 Safe ways of expressing anger
11 Getting rid of self-blame
12 Physical effects and healing
13 Sexual abuse and sex
14 When abuse is within the family
15 Confronting the offender
16 Counselling
17 Getting past the abuse and moving on
18 Moving further on in our healing
Part 3: For Others
19 For caregivers of survivors
20 Living with a survivor
Appendix 1,2,3,4…

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