Cracking Open the Nest Egg by Martin Hawes


Cracking Open the Nest Egg by Martin Hawes

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Cracking Open the Nest Egg
How to make your retirement savings last the distance
By Martin Hawes

Planning for retirement can be a scary thought, whether it is just around the corner or years in the future. Martin Hawes, one of New Zealand’s best-known experts on personal finance, answers all of the questions that may be keeping you up at night: How much will I need to retire? Can I ever afford to stop working? How do I make sure my money lasts as long as I do? Working out how you can achieve a regular monthly retirement income is more difficult than it used to be. Historically low interest rates (despite the current blip) plus longer life expectancy means the old method of parking your nest egg in a savings account and living off the interest is no longer an option. Hawes guides you step-by-step through the planning process, showing you how you can safely create a regular income for the rest of your life. Cracking Open the Nest Egg will help you to confidently take control of your financial future and achieve the kind of retirement you always dreamed of.

Paperback, 2021 ,192 pages, very good condition