Wake Up And Dream by Pat Mesiti


Wake Up And Dream by Pat Mesiti

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Wake Up And Dreamnby Pat MesitinPaperback, 200pages, 1994, Good conditionnCheck my listing for other books by Pat Mesiti.nnDiscover the power of personal vision and how your dreams change the world. Pat Mesiti will lead you through laughter and tears and show you how to…n- Leave behind the limitations of the past and turn your current circumstances into golden opportunitiesn- Discover the power of your dreams and put it to work for you, your family and business associatesn- Define your dream and develop an action plan to see you vision become a powerful living realityn- Discover and develop the character, skills and attitudes that have made thousands of other dreamers successfuln- Unlock the gifts and talents of those around you and inspire them to pursue dreams worthy of their best efforts