The Winner’s Bible by Dr. Kerry Spackman


The Winner’s Bible by Dr. Kerry Spackman

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The Winner’s Bible: Rewire Your Brain for Permanent Change

Author – Dr. Kerry Spackman
Pages – 264 pages
Paperback, 2009, very good condition
The approach of this book to changing your life is extremely practical. Rather than just giving you a set of goals, the author explains how our brains work, and exactly what needs to be rewired in them, as well as how to achieve that.

I’ve really liked the detailed explanation of the processes going on in the brain, and author’s statement that we are not like a computer. The part that I found particularly informative, and really relevant, was the importance of the hidden unconscious modules.

To quote Dr. Spackman, “In many cases the secret agendas of those modules explain why you frequently do the wrong things even when you ‘know’ exactly what you should do. Sometimes even being highly motivated and wanting to do the right thing still isn’t enough. Your unconscious modules are somehow still controlling your behaviour against your best intentions.

Unless you know how to reprogram those hidden modules, you will be doomed to failure, despite having all the best thoughts and ideas in the world.” Armed with those basic truths, the reader will be well equipped to start “training,” which seems like a good term to use in view of the fact that Dr. Spackman’s program seems to be oftentimes used by elite athletes.