The power of Healthy Thinking by Dr Tom Mulholland Signed


The power of Healthy Thinking by Dr Tom Mulholland Signed

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The power of Healthy Thinking To Change Your Attitude And Your Life

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The ‘Attitude Doctor’ now seen in a regular TV series – motivational speaker and medical thrillseeker. Tom Mulholland is testament to the effects of Whether its resuscitating his marriage after a 4-year separation or overcoming panic attacks as he skis down a Siberian volcano, Tom shows by his own experience and in numerous case studies how Healthy Thinking empowers people to master their fears and achieve their goals.


Following on from his first book, Healthy Thinking, this new book provides examples of how Healthy Thinking can turn around stress, frustration, and depression to achieve positive and healthy outcomes.


Tom presents chapters outlining strategies at work, in relationships, in families and in numerous other scenarios, with a summary of techniques, real-life case studies, and more than a few laughs along the way.

Soft cover, 2005, good condition