Stand By Me Helping Your Teen Through Tough Time by John Kirwan


Stand By Me Helping Your Teen Through Tough Time by John Kirwan

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Stand by Me by John Kirwan

Helping Your Teen Through Tough Times

‘I’m a dad and I’m scared.’ Charting John Kirwan’s experiences as a father, and incorporating voices of young people today, Stand By Me examines issues around teenage mental health, with a focus on depression and anxiety. It is intended as a useful guide for parents, caregivers and teachers – anyone concerned about the wellbeing of young people in their care. Like All Blacks Don’t Cry, it has an emphasis on hopefulness and living positively. Stand By Me is JK’s second collaboration with writer Margie Thomson, and draws on the expertise of Dr Elliot Bell and Kirsty Louden-Bell, clinical psychologists from the Otago Medical School. JK confronts an array of questions about parenting and his own children, and looks at case studies of teenagers who have been diagnosed with mental health issues including anxiety and depression. In their own words, the young people interviewed reflect on their treatment and progress, and consider how these experiences have shaped them as they face forward into their adult lives.

Paperback, 2014, 319pages, very good condition