Kick Up Your Heels Before You’re Too Short To We


Kick Up Your Heels Before You’re Too Short To We

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Kick Up Your Heels…Before You’re Too Short To Wear Them: How to Live a Long, Healthy, Juicy Life Loretta LaRochennFor the last 20 years, Loretta LaRoche has been delighting readers, audiences, and PBS television viewers with her wacky and wise insights about life, love, and the insanity of the modern world. Now, in her most deeply personal book yet, Loretta addresses the most exciting challenge that we all faceone that she now finds herself facing every day: How do we age well? And can humor, dignity, honesty, wisdom, and other virtues ease the path?nn Our society is youth obsessed: Beauty products, special exercises, designer vitamins, plastic surgery, and certain medications are promoted as “the” ways to enhance life. While these formulas may have some merit, theyre not enough to prepare us to have a rich, authentic life filled with passion and juiciness. Why do we wait until were almost dead before we focus on how to age well? Every school system in the country should be preparing us for the inevitable process of aging and how to do it well. Our parents, our schools, and the media should all be teaching us that aging is a process that begins at birth . . . not something to be feared and avoided. Those who continue to be hardy and live long and healthy lives understand that the real path to vitality requires connection, playfulness, flexibility, grace, tenacity, resiliency, curiosity, learning, and good humor.nnnHard cover with dj, as new condition rrp $41.00 2007 227 pages