How to Simplify Your Life Seven Practical Step


How to Simplify Your Life Seven Practical Step

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How to Simplify Your Life Seven Practical Steps to Letting Go of Your Burdens and Living a Happier Life

By Werner Tiki Kustenmacher, Lothar J. Seiwert

“Simplify Your Life” has become a number one non-fiction bestseller phenomenon in Germany and in Korea because it offers very concrete practical wisdom to everyone living in a time of economic contraction and uncertainty. The complexity of modern life is a burden for everyone; “Simplify Your Life” offers help. The book explains step for step how to get rid of unnecessary stuff, slow down, and points the way back to what we know is important in life – but have forgotten. The simple way of life is a journey from the outward to the inward. It starts with cleaning up your desk and organizing your closets, and it ends with finding your meaning in life. Along the way, this book will help you organize your time, change the way you think about money, improving your health, your relationships and your marriage. You will be amazed at the possibilities that simplifying creates for you!
Paperback, 2004, 264pages, very good condition