The Life and Times of Auckland Gordon McLauchlan


The Life and Times of Auckland Gordon McLauchlan

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The Life and Times of Aucklandnby Gordon McLauchlannnSignednnGordon McLauchlan presents a biography of Auckland city that reflects his passion for the place. This is a colourful history, filled with anecdotes and asides. Gordon traces the history of settlement in the Auckland region, and illustrates the huge differences in the way the town began and the way it has continued to exist as spontaneous, commercial city from diverse cultural sources. Gordon argues that Auckland is, and always has been, different to the rest of the country: ‘more cosmopolitan, more mercantile, more susceptible to change and modernity’. In this book he explores why. His willingness to express his opinion about other New Zealand towns and cities is likely to raise provincial passions, but his fascination for the development of New Zealand’s largest city, and his advocacy for the city’s future, will draw in readers from around the country.nnPaperback, 2008 , 304 pages , very good condition