The Kiwi Bach Companion by Kirsty Cameron


The Kiwi Bach Companion by Kirsty Cameron

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The Kiwi Bach Companion
by Kirsty Cameron

Thousands of New Zealanders own baches, know someone who has one, or rent others’ for their annual holidays via the highly popular bach booking websites. Wouldn’t it be great if when you got to the bach there was an indispensible book that showed you: * How to treat that bee sting or jellyfish sting the kids get and other first-aid tips. * How to fillet the fish the neighbour just brought you from his fishing trip. * Recipes for scones for the next-doors who are coming for morning tea and a great marinade for the barbie * A heap of games for a rainy day. * How to read the nght sky * How to cook a crayfish* How to mend a broken fuse and fix the leaking tap? The Kiwi Bach Companion does all this and more. Attractively designed to stay in a bach for years and years and be reached for on a variety of occasions, it also has pages for local phone numbers, emergency services, visitors and to personalise around the operation of each bach. Beautifully designed with quirky line drawings throughout, it’s an adorable book that will be handed down the generations.

Paperback, 2010 208pages, very good condition