The Hunters The Precarious Lives of New Zealand’s Birds of Prey


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The Hunters: The Precarious Lives of New Zealand’s Birds of Prey by Debbie Marie Stewart

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From an extinct giant eagle and an owl that sounded like the devil, to the morepork we hear calling at night, the falcon that appears on our $20 note and the hawks we see swooping on the grisly remains of dead critters on the road, this book takes a close look at these fascinating birds and the people who are working to keep the species that are still with us safe. Filled with facts and great stories of rescued birds being nursed back to health, this book also has many amazing close-up photographs. Find out about the ancient art of falconry, how damaged feathers critical for flying can be replaced with temporary ones, how you can help an injured bird, and how birds can be released back into the wild.

Hard cover 2018, 237 pages, good condition, wear in cover corner