The Big Book of Kiwi Trivia by Graham Hutchins


The Big Book of Kiwi Trivia by Graham Hutchins

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The Big Book of Kiwi Trivia
By Graham Hutchins

A collection of trivia with a Kiwi theme that will be suitable for reading on the toilet – and anywhere for that matter! The Big Book of Kiwi Trivia will range from formal categories like geography, history and literature through to unusual, bizarre and humorous categories like media gaffes, lists of jargon and famous quotes and anecdotes. Written to appeal to the average Kiwi, it is punchy and concise; the sort of account that can be dipped into at will and returned to often. Humour is an integral component of the book, as well as a discerning eye for the distinctive fact and figure that captures the attention and perhaps the imagination. Given that the collection will have a Kiwi slant, there will be a significant sports section, along with categories like fishing, hunting and the great outdoors. With the rise in popularity of trivia for the purpose of pub quizzes and other social functions, the collection will attract a willing ear and ready market.

Hard cover, 2005, 303pages, very good condition