Rolling Back the State by Jane Kelsey


Rolling Back the State by Jane Kelsey

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Rolling Back the State by Jane Kelsey

Privatisation of power in Aotearoa/ New Zealand
In this decade of greed, talk of short term pain for long term gain had meant pain for the poor to achieve gain for the rich
1984 saw the dawning of the free market over Aotearoa/New Zealand. It brought with it the privatisation of power, and the centralisation of the residual state. The entire political, economic and social structure was turned on its head.

Many Pākehā believed they were losing control of their destiny. For Māori this had been an unacceptable reality for over 150 years. By 1993 Aotearoa/New Zealand had become a nation in crisis.

Jane Kelsey challenges all New Zealanders to come to grips with the new country we live in and work towards regaining control of our lives and the future for our children.

Paperback very good condition , 1993 391 pages, gift dedication on end page/corner cut in front end page