Old New Zealand Houses 1800-1940 by Jeremy Salmond


Old New Zealand Houses 1800-1940 by Jeremy Salmond

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Old New Zealand Houses 1800-1940 by Jeremy Salmond

They appear everywhere in the New Zealand landscape, a wonderfully distinctive collection of older houses in all shapes and sizes, ranked along city or small-town streets or dotted across farming hillsides and by country roads.

This book is both a history and a celebration of New Zealand’s magnificent old houses, a clear and approachable account of how these houses were made and inhabited.

Above all it is an account of the methods used in their construction – from traditional Maori dwellings and the earliest European houses of cob and adobe, to the rise of the ‘kitset’ villa building industry in the later half of the nineteenth century. It chronicles the impact of the Californian and Spanish bungalows, the ‘arts and crafts’ cottages, and the quirky Modernes built in New Zealand before World War II. Significantly, this account ends with the introduction of the state house.

Jeremy Salmond’s book is sumptuously illustrated with old and new photographs and exact technical drawings. Extracts from contemporary letters, diaries and trade literature evoke the qualities admired in each major house style.

Hardback, first edition 1986, 246pages, good condition, little fading and wear in jacket