Letters from the Bay of Islands Story of Marianne


Letters from the Bay of Islands Story of Marianne

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Letters from the Bay of Islands – The Story of Marianne Williams
Edited by Caroline Fitzgerald

Sub-titled “The Story of Marianne Williams”, her experiences in New Zealand as a young wife with three children in the earliest days of European settlement is related here from her letters back to England, edited by her great-great grandaughter. With her husband Henry, an influential early Church Misssionary Society figure, she left England in 1822, reaching the Bay of Islands via Sydney a year later. While much has been written about the early missionaries and their influence on NZ’s subsequent history, much less is recorded about the few women who accompanied them. Marianne’s experiences, as related in her correspondence from 1822 to 1838 give new insight into her isolated, lonely, often dangerous and difficult life among warlike natives and with few amenities. This important book provides another dimension on missianary life in the years leading up to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. Some extracts from Henry’s letters home are included.

Paperback, first edition 2004, 270pages, good condition, light crease in cover, with foxing and age spots/gift dedication on end page