Kiwiana ! The Sequel


Kiwiana ! The Sequel

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Kiwiana ! The Sequel
by Richard Wolfe & Stephen Barnett

At last, the long-awaited companion to the bestselling NEW ZEALAND! NEW ZEALAND! IN PRAISE OF KIWIANA is here. (It’s been a while between drinks but good things take time.) Proof that there is more to New Zealand life than ice cream, the Buzzy Bee, baking powder, sheep, corrugated iron and sport. KIWIANA! THE SEQUEL goes deeper to reveal that it’s also about meat pies and superphosphate, playing 500, walk shorts, bungy-jumping, lamingtons, Trekkas and tramping, Zambucks, silage and red socks. Here is the rest of everything you wanted to know about Kiwiana. Such as:

* When a polony is possibly a saveloy, and why.
* Where gumboots come from.
* How a simple card game can be used to determine nationality
* What to do about Australians.
* When mixed flatting was risque.
* How to be an All Black.
* The Anziel Nova.
* The No 8 wire factor.
* New Zealanders up against the odds.
* Tthe case of the disappearing jam doughnut.
* Telling your icons from your imposters.
* Verse you should take to heart.
* A celebration of sheep.
* Native woods in a minute.
* The identity of the Four Square Grocer.
* How to eat 48 Weetbix in one sitting.
“More culture than you can shake a stick at!”

Large format paperback 2001. 158 pages. good condition, gift dedication on end page