From A Room Of Their Own by Katherine Mansfield


From A Room Of Their Own by Katherine Mansfield

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From A Room Of Their Own – A selection of the Katherine Mansfield FellowshipnnSelected and introduced by Michael GifkinsnPaintings by Peter Featherstonenncontents:nmichael king: a patriot aboadnmargaret scott: 123 rue longuenc k stead: buying a carnowen leeming:trouble spots (extract)nallen curnow: do not touch the exhibitsnspiro zavos: faith of our fathersnjames mcneish: not so far from godwit baynbarry mitcalfe: uncle on and off his bike,uncle’s love song,uncle casts a paper dartnphilip temple: gens et sitesnmichael harlow: interior decoratingnrowley habib: menton vignette 1,menton vignette111,ozmandias revisitednand more…nnHard cover, illustrated edition,1993,153pages, very good condition