Crafted by Design Inside New Zealand Craft Artist’s Studios


Crafted by Design Inside New Zealand Craft Artist’s Studios

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Crafted by Design: Inside New Zealand Craft Artists’ Studios

By Jeannette Cook, Photographs by Stephen Robinson

Paperback, 2005, 192pages, very good condition

Ancient legend has it that Kiwis can achieve anything with a piece of number-eight wire. This book shows that today we can do the same with balls of wool, lumps of rock, lengths of fabric, bits of bone, sheets of perspex and any other material that springs to mind, whether within reach or hard to find. You name it: we’ve woven, hammered, moulded, carved or otherwise crafted it into objects of enduring beauty, for occasional adornment or daily use. CRAFTED BY DESIGN is a true story about Kiwi ingenuity. In fact it’s 55 stories. They profile senior artists as well as up-and-coming ones, fifth-generation-plus and new New Zealanders – and they provide a vibrant cross-section of our craft-art scene today. Stephen Robinson’s photographs capture the artists and their work in full colour. Jeanette Cook’s text outlines the inspiration and processes involved in crafting; the changes New Zealand craft art has seen; and new trends that are emerging now. The materials that craft artists use are sometimes commonplace, but the results of the imaginative endeavours shown here never are. From glasswork to guitars, hats to hei tiki, sewing to swords, teapots to ta moko, these works are individual and even priceless. Some may be seen in museums in years to come. But CRAFTED BY DESIGN displays them where they are most at home: in the environment, at the studio, with their makers.