Blue Water Kiwis New Zealand’s Naval Story


Blue Water Kiwis New Zealand’s Naval Story

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Blue Water Kiwis New Zealand’s Naval Story
By Matthew Wright

“In the summer of 1873, New Zealand was rocked by a scandal: Russian terrorists had, newspaper editor David Leckie insisted, taken over a British warship in Auckland harbour and held the town to ransom. It was a hoax, but the moment served to highlight New Zealand’s growing sense of vulnerability, as one of Britain’s furthest-flung colonies. So, in earnest, began New Zealand’s naval story – one that extended through the highs and lows of the twentieth century: the First World War – when New Zealand naval forces and personnel fought from the North Sea to the Pacific – to the Second, when New Zealand’s naval forces joined combat in most of the major theatres, and finally the Cold War. It was a dramatic, exciting and ultimately human story of people, politics, heroism and struggle.”

Hardback, 2001, pages, very good condition