Ben and Mark Boys of the High Country


Ben and Mark Boys of the High Country

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Ben and Mark Boys of the High Countrynby John Bougen, Christine FernyhoughnnThe bestselling team of Fernyhough and Bougen (The Road to Castle Hill: A High Country Love Story) are back with a wonderful book for children that’s already a classic. It is the true story of Ben and Mark Smith, aged eight and six, who live with their parents Richard and Sheri on Mount White Station, near Arthurs Pass, one of the biggest and most remote stations in the South Island. 45 minutes from the nearest village to their turnoff on the main road, and fourteen gates along a gravel road from there to the farmhouse.With wonderful photographs and rich and informative text, this book will delight both country people and townies alike, and crosses the divide between children’s book and New Zealand classic – adults will love it as much as children. nnPaperback, 2010, 176pages, very good condition