Battle of the Titans by Bruce Wallace


Battle of the Titans by Bruce Wallace

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Battle of the Titans by Bruce Wallace

Sir Ronald Trotter, Hugh Fletcher and the Rise and Fall of Fletcher Challenge

Bruce Wallace vividly recreates the scene in 1980 as the two leading protagonists and business icons, sir Ronald Trotter and Hugh Fletcher, share a vision for this great new Zealand company. Fletcher Challenge becomes a world leader in newsprint production and a corporate giant on its own turf. Wallace then describes how Trotter and Fletcher struggle for power as world financial markets force radical changes on the massive conglomerate.

Finally Battle of the titans charts the company’s last days. Internal ructions continue, and major corporations from around the world scramble for the Fletcher Challenge assets as the once proud organisation is dismantled and sold off to the highest bidders.

Paperback, 2001, 256pages, very good condition