Air New Zealand Celebrating 75 Years


Air New Zealand Celebrating 75 Years

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Air New Zealand celebrates its 75th birthday as one of the world’s most respected carriers and one of New Zealand’s best known brands. The airline can be said to have more than four million bosses, with nearly everyone in the country having had some connection to it at one time of another. This book is a celebration of the airline, its people and customers’ achievements on the way to reaching this landmark, from the romance of TEAL flying boats and the Coral Route to the era of the Dreamliner and the Spaceseat; from reconnaissance missions in World War II to online booking and self check-in. Gloriously illustrated with hundreds of historic photographs and rich in fascinating anecdotes, it’s a look behind the scenes that will appeal to everyone who has ever fastened their seatbelt and made sure their seat back is in the upright position.

Paperback, 2014, very good condition