Which Native Tree? by Andrew Crowe (NZ)


Which Native Tree? by Andrew Crowe (NZ)

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Which Native Tree? by Andrew Crowe

This new re-written edition of the best-selling NZ classic Which Native Tree? now includes comprehensive ecological information on the tree and its environment. As well as the known uses of each tree, from food and medicine, to dyes, perfume, honey, bootlaces, fire-making and timber it also explains how to grow each tree in your own garden. This new ecological edition also identifies the insect and bird life to look for in each tree and includes details on the origins of Maori names. Use Andrew Crowe’s unique leaf key to confidently identify common New Zealand native trees. Colour photographs of leaves and associated creatures, graphics giving tree shape and height, tree distribution maps and ID checklists listing distinguishing features are all helpful tools to identify New Zealand’s native trees.

Paperback, 2009/17, 64pages, very good condition