The Trees in New Zealand Exotic Trees The Broadleaves


The Trees in New Zealand Exotic Trees The Broadleaves

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Exotic Trees: The Broadleaves

by Pamela Salmon

A guide to over 350 species of exotic broadleaved trees in New Zealand, with over 1200 colour photographs.

Professor John Salmon spent many years photographing and recording New Zealand’s exotic trees. The superb result of his work is an essential book for every gardener and botanical enthusiast.New Zealand and internationally.New Zealand’s Exotic Trees: The Broadleaves introduces all the major exotic broadleaved families and genera found in New Zealand. Each species is presented in a succinct text accompanied by photographs of form, leaves, bark, and flowers and fruit where appropriate. The descriptions give a background to each species’ worldwide distribution, its use and cultivation, introduction to New Zealand, growth and habitat, foliage, flowers and fruit. The clear, concise and informative text and detailed photographs make this an invaluable guide to identification as well as an important reference book. This book complements Professor John Salmon’s best-selling The Native Trees of New Zealand, first published in 1980 and now a classic reference work.

Large hardback, 1999, 372pages, very good condition